Design and Illustration
Having sealed on the design, the next step would be to cross check the required size from our size guide to help you ascertain the right size. Then head straight to “place an order”. Can’t see your perfect match or your “IT” color or even if you fancy a different silhouette, do not hesitate to contact us with your inspiration and requirements. One of our executives/designers will very soon get in touch with you. It is our absolute pleasure and commitment to create unparalleled creations for our clients who would not settle for anything less than their imagination. *Consultation charges apply

Hand Dyeing
Fashion Fabric dyeing alone contributes to 20% of the global industrial pollution. This isn’t to disturb or scare you but to affirm to you our genuine and constant endeavor to make and consume fashion only I the most sustainable ways. We therefore make sure to dye only the required amount of fabric after you have confirmed your order. We proud ourselves to be part of responsible and eco-friendly fashion.

Sizing and Pattern making
Our in-house team of skilled pattern makers and master cutters carefully prepare for your unique block which would decide the placement and dimensions of the embroidery to go upon it.

Artisanal Touch
This is where the age old techniques artisanal expertise and craft weds our contemporary designs. Our intricate and meticulous hand embroideries and beadings sets us apart thereby bringing the couture factor in. Hundreds of man hours are spent creating exquisite fine details showcasing and translating our unending love for exclusivity and perfection on to the fabric. From the relentlessness of the artisan to the humble wood frame and everything in between like designing, making and placement of the kha-kha can be crucial to achieve the perfection we so aim for.

In coordination with the cutter, Assembling the various parts of the garment is what our experienced garment makers love to do with precision. Stitch after stitch, seam after seam the outfit sees the light of the day. Little smiles light up the faces of all at the workshop much like a baby is born.

Final finishes
Inspired by the age-old ways of couture, we make sure to hand hem and hand finish each of our creations. All the stitches, crystals, beads are revisited to ensure that they are secured firmly.

Packing and Dispatch
Prettiest outside - check
100% cotton lining - check
Size and specifications - check
Delivery dates - check
Your perfect outfit is now ready to be shipped in your choice of either Gift boxes or our Ecofriendly bags. An invoice certificate with care instructions accompanies it.

Unboxing Happiness
Pull up that ribbon to catch your dream piece peeking over at you from the box. Viola! its time to spread the wings, sprinkle some fairy dust and seal this happy moment in our angel’s life.
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