Our Brand Story

“Motherhood is life’s purest emotion and daughters are
the most loved extensions of our hearts.”

The label Swati Golyan is a sought-after celebration of motherhood that spins this expression into intricate weaves. Creating luxury couture wear for little girls with an iconic old-world charm associated to it, it recasts the mystic magic and stir a daughter brings to our lives.

Each garment is an illustration of refined handwork, ingenious craftsmanship, impeccable needlework and comfort tailoring, all to be adorned by our little princesses. Every finely made assemblage moves through a creative process before it manifests itself into a masterpiece recreating the surreal comfort a mother brings to her child. The idea behind the inception of the brand is to bring back true luxury, celebrating the imperfections of a human hand all in fine silks and natural fabrics.

The bona fide structure of the label stands on pillars of; romantically simple aesthetic, timeless classic silhouettes, careful craftsmanship and conscious production methods. It’s basically our innate desire for a slower, simpler, purer way to life which has sparked it all.

Haute Couture

Or rather say; your wish is my command. Our most loved section: the soul and sole reason for why we started what we started-yes, you are right; to burst this bubble of mass production stint - one size fits all.

Imagine unique design, exquisite fabrics, artisanal hand embroideries, careful hand craft, a made to measure fit and perfect finishing Basically, your dream dress crafted to perfection when compromises are something you aren’t fond of. Head to this section if you too believe that “the best lives through us”. Welcome onboard, lets co-create.


Demi Couture

Demi Couture is your sweet spot between haute couture and ready to wear. All the fanfare and details of couture in our researched, developed and specially curated sizes at a price point closer to that of ready to wear. Your go to section when you are looking for something unique and exclusive yet accessible.



Accessories While a smile and bright eyes are one’s best accessory, a thoughtful styling or a coordinated look can bring all the oomph to any outfit be it simple or extravagant.Explore our extensive range of handmade hair and other accessories which can not only enhance your look but can also be great conversation starters.

A baby shower, a birthday party, a visit to friends or families or any other upcoming occasion.dive into this section of cuteness overload and we promise you that they will make gifts which are going to make you super popular in their little gangs.


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